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Reggie Davis has worked as a Paramedic for 33 years, and simultaneously completed a 29 year reserve military career, allowing him to retire at the rank of Chief Master Sergeant in 2008.


He has come to realize he only saved several lives as a hands on lifesaver, but possibly hundreds more by sharing his personal experiences as a student and graduate of The School of Hard Knocks.  His life mission is to share his inspirational journey as a lifesaver, prevention educator and the grace that saved him from his own high-risk choices.


"It was over 30 years ago around 5:00 a.m., a young medic crawled into an overturned car soaked in gasoline, blood and alcohol to witness three young victims take their last breaths, before rescuers could cut them out of the mangled wreck.  At 7:00 a.m. he got off work and had his first drink of the day.  His only thought of that morning's tragic episode was how that kind of unlucky accident would never happen to someone like him."  Now as a retired  public servant  with over 35 years of sobriety, Davis has several additional job descriptions like Prevention Specialist, DUI Instructor, Vet Court Mentor,  and Motivational Speaker.  Sharing his personal story of "The Wretch in the Mirror" and the grace that changed his heart and allowed him to change his mind has had a far greater impact.


Today Reggie is the proud father of two musical prodigies, whose inspirational  gifts are helping to heal some of the world's hurts.  He frequently asks them to open for him at speaking engagements, not only to entertain but also to show that generational curses can be treated and suppressed, if not cured.  


"If you inspire people to change their hearts they can change their minds" -Reggie Davis.

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Reggie Davis


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